Buy Wisconsin!

Encourage job creation through positive legislation!

State Government Must Lead

Wisconsin State Government should lead the way in procuring goods and services from local businesses. We need to make sure that our taxpayer dollars stay in our communities where they help create good jobs here instead of encouraging companies to ship jobs overseas. Wisconsin’s workers produce an incredible array of high-quality products. When our own government agencies source these products from somewhere else, it’s not just bad public policy—it’s a slap in the face of every man and woman who works hard to keep Wisconsin growing.

We know that when our taxpayer dollars go overseas, our jobs soon follow. We need to support Wisconsin businesses and workers by procuring state-made goods and services whenever possible. Our jobs and communities depend on it. It’s time our elected officials get the message: Buy Wisconsin!

Support These Buy Wisconsin-friendly
Bills in the State Legislature

Assembly Bill 45, Representative Jorgensen

Senate Bill 88, Senator Hansen

Preference in state and local government contracts and procurement for materials manufactured in the United States.

Under this bill, with limited exceptions, the state must purchase materials that are manufactured to the greatest extent in the United States, regardless of whether all other factors are substantially equal. This Bill also requires, with limited exceptions, that a contract for a public works or public improvement project must contain a provision that the contractor will use materials that are manufactured in the United States.

Assembly Bill 48, Representative Clark

Senate Bill 74, Senator Hansen

State procurement of products and services from businesses located in this state and setting a goal for local government to purchase a certain percentage of products and services from businesses located in this state.

This bill creates an exception to require DOA and any agency making purchases to attempt to ensure that at least 20 percent of the total amount expended for such procurement in each fiscal year is from Wisconsin−based businesses and that, in any fiscal year, the percentage of the total amount expended from Wisconsin−based businesses will not be lower than it was in the previous fiscal year.

Assembly Bill 80, Representative Pope

Senate Bill 42, Senator Lassa

Creating a procurement preference for state made products.

This bill requires state agencies and other purchasing agents to maximize the awards given to businesses that have at least 50 percent of their operations in Wisconsin or that plan to have at least 50 percent of their operations in Wisconsin in the next year. To accomplish this goal, the state agency or purchasing agent may purchase materials, supplies, equipment, and contractual services from any such business that submits a bid or proposal that is no more than 5 percent higher than the low bid or most advantageous proposal.

Assembly Bill 432, Representative Smith

For the purchase of food by the Board of Regents of the University Of Wisconsin System

This bill creates several exceptions to provisions if the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System (board) is purchasing food. First, when the board is considering bids or proposals for the purchase of food, factors other than price may not comprise more than 25 percent of the total factors used to determine the lowest bid or most competitive proposal. In addition, under this bill, if the food is produced within a 100 mile radius of the site to which the food will be delivered, the board may purchase that food without inviting bids or soliciting proposals if the estimated cost does not exceed $100,000.

ACT 136, Representative Pocan, Senator Wirch

State procurement of contractual services

With certain exceptions, this law requires all contractual services purchased by state executive branch agencies to be performed within the United States. This requirement does not apply if the contractual services cannot be obtained within the United States or are paid for with federal moneys or if the contractual services are purchased by the University of Wisconsin System from gifts, grants, or endowment trust fund income.