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State Government Must Lead

Wisconsin State Government should lead the way in procuring goods and services from local businesses. We need to make sure that our taxpayer dollars stay in our communities where they help create good jobs here instead of encouraging companies to ship jobs overseas. Wisconsin’s workers produce an incredible array of high-quality products. When our own government agencies source these products from somewhere else, it’s not just bad public policy—it’s a slap in the face of every man and woman who works hard to keep Wisconsin growing.

We know that when our taxpayer dollars go overseas, our jobs soon follow. We need to support Wisconsin businesses and workers by procuring state-made goods and services whenever possible. Our jobs and communities depend on it. It’s time our elected officials get the message: Buy Wisconsin!

Support These Buy Wisconsin-friendly Bills in the State Legislature

Assembly Bill 45 & Senate Bill 14

Introduced by Senator Dave Hansen and Representative Lisa Subeck in 2017, AB 45/SB 14 prioritizes the purchase of goods made in Wisconsin as well as the contracting of services provided by Wisconsin labor. These bills set a reasonable goal for the State Department of Administration and any state or local government unit to purchase a percentage its products and services from Wisconsin-based businesses.

Made in America Act

Assembly Bill 297 / Senate Bill 240

In May 2017, Representative Barca (D-Kenosha), Representative Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) and Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) introduced the Made in America Act to prioritize goods and construction materials that are made in America in state procurement.

For too long, our state’s procurement statutes have implicitly favored foreign-made goods, and in turn have hurt Wisconsin’s and America’s middle class. When our state must opt for cheap goods, made in foreign countries – whether it be vehicles for the State Patrol, laboratory equipment for UW campuses, or steel used in state construction projects – over American-made goods, the State diminishes the American middle class with each purchase. The race to the bottom procurement policy encourages companies to ship American jobs overseas in the search for the cheapest labor possible.

If our state and local governments want jobs to be created in Manitowoc over Malaysia, then our state and local governments should prioritize purchasing goods and services from companies that perform the work in our country by passing the Made in America Act. When taxpayer dollars are invested back in our economy, wages are spent on Main Streets across the country.